Express Money Exchange II
Video | 2015

Iranian rial bills, from our perspectives, reflect the vibrant contemporary history of Iran with all its ups and downs; from the pre-revolutionary era to the wartime in the ’80s and the recent sanction period against the country. Regardless of the question of the instability of Iran’s currency value, we like to see money as a symbol of culture. Thus, when it became our concern for the production of a commercial video for an Iranian money exchange company in Australia, we represented money as a means of cultural communication between the two countries.

The key idea, which was inspired by the company’s tagline (Money transfer between Australia and Iran in the shortest time), was to show a quick transformation of the Iranian Rial to the Australian Dollar. For this purpose, we chose the famous Iranian cheetah to carry our money/culture. Then we morphed it to the Australian Kangaroo within a quick jump from the context of Iran to Australia.

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Client: Express Money Exchange
Director/Designer: Farid Yahaghi, Davood Morgan
Music: Excerpt from Zarbi Homayoun by Darkoob band