Express Money Exchange I
Video | 2014

Express Money Exchange is an Iranian exchange company in Australia. They asked us to create a commercial for them and say how quickly they can exchange and transfer money. So we tried to translate their brief with a magical trick of using a money counter machine; Iranian bills are put in the machine and US dollar bills (we did not have AUD bills) come out of it. The idea was fun but also sad at the same time. Because we knew that the Iranian Rial worths so much less than Dollar and what we showed in the video was unrealistic. For the music, we tried to do the same thing; to use the sound of the Iranian Taar instrument at the beginning and a Western guitar accord for the ending.

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Client: Express Money Exchange
Directors: Davood Morgan, Farid Yahaghi
Videography: Aghil Hosseinian
Post production: Javad Zarinia
Music: Seda-ghat Studio | Guitar: Kamal Sedaghat, Taar: Mohammad Reza Moshiri