Yurt For Ruedi
Pavilion Design | 2015

French graphic designer, Ruedi Baur, had a plan to hold three exhibitions in three countries; Iran, Netherlands, and Argentina. His idea was to represent these exhibitions as nomadic camps in three continents. Because his first exhibition was taking place in Iran, we came up with designing a portable Iranian tent for Ruedi so that he could be able to take it to his other exhibitions in Europe and South America.

We found a lot of potentials in the structure of Turkmen Yurts. With some changes in its modular design, we managed to build a metal pavilion quite similar to the original Yurt. The structure was placed at the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum during Ruedi Baur’s exhibition.

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Study and tests
Making of

Client: Ruedi Baur
Design: Davood Morgan
Execution: Amir Khosravani, Hosein Naseri
Teammates: Farid Yahaghi, Afrouz Razavi
Photography: Hosein Eskandari, Pooya Mirshahi