Waltz Nowruzi
Video | 2016

During the year 2015, a video messaging application called dubsmash emerged and gained fame among smartphone users worldwide. Using the app, users could choose an audio recording or soundbite from movies, shows, music, and internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over that piece of audio. The dubsmash videos became highly popular in Iran so that one could not open their social networks and does not come across with an entertaining dubsmash video.

By the beginning of the Persian new year (Nowruz), we decided to do a homage video for the dubsmash trend in the passing year and say happy new year to our friends and families. This video surprisingly became viral everywhere during the Nowruz time.

Directors and Performers: Farid Yahaghi, Aghil Hosseinian, Javad Zarinia, Davood Morgan