World Urbanism Day II
Poster and Video | 2013

To design the promotional materials for the 4th commemoration of the World Urbanism Day, which is an annual event by Khorasan Razavi Construction Engineering Organization in Mashhad, we took an adventurous journey in the city to observe the actual typography of urban signs, street names, signboards, and so on. We had already written a short inspiring text about the responsibilities of urban planners. Then we tried to visualize the text by dividing it to its letters. Later we spent around two weeks in the city to photograph and film as many letters as possible in order to create a vast archive.

The final step was to create a collage from the most proper letters to compose the whole the text. This was the main challenge of the project because, as opposed to the Roman alphabet, the structure of the Persian writing system is based on the order of connected units. Therefore, not any two combinations of letters were visually satisfying for us in that sense. We had to put them together one by one to see which combination works better.

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Poster and booklet

Behind the scenes

Client: Khorasan Razavi Construction Engineering Organization
Design: Farid Yahaghi, Davood Morgan
Photo and videography: Aghil Hosseinian