Phoenix Orphanage
Stage design | 2016

The question of design has always been a huge concern in our works. Whether we make a poster, a package, or a product, the importance of an applicable and understandable design is always there.

In 2015, we were in charge of the stage design for the Orphanage Phoenix theatre play. The musical performance with its different acts and sets was quite challenging in terms of its spatial limitations. We had to think of a stage that could provide enough space for 28 actors, yet flexible enough to create different sets such as the orphanage, dormitory, mayor room, ship, jail, dreams, and more.

Orphanage Phoenix won the best stage design award in the youth section of the Fajr international theatre festival in 2015.

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Design: Davood Morgan
Photography: Emad Kolahi
Special Thanks to: Amin Vahidian and Sepideh Tondro