Cover Design | 2007-present

Pazh is a quarterly magazine on various topics of Persian literature. The initial idea for the cover design of the new series of Pazh (since 2007) was to work with the Farsi alphabets. Each letter (in Nastaliq calligraphy) became the main visual element for the cover of each issue. The purpose was to play with the Persian script’s form and maybe to show its pure aesthetics without relying on any sort of meaning or verbal references.

Even after all the letters were used our approach did not change that much. The next phase was to work on the Persian conjunctions. We thought the idea of creating open contexts where there is no other word to produce meaning with the conjunction word can create an interesting imaginative space.

Pazh covers in the Iranian Museum of Graphic Design, Tehran.

Client: Ferdowsi Cultural Wisdom House
Design: Farid Yahaghi