Nowruz Project
Visual Identity | 2020

Nowruz Project was a curatorial event developed around the longstanding rite of Nowruz (Now-ruz, “new-day”). This ritual is celebrated annually by diverse communities worldwide on the first day of spring. Based on the capacity of the traditional concept, this project intended to create an interactive space to use the potential of cultural diversity in Montreal to practise mutual tolerance, respect, and appreciation of diversity. Nowruz Project was comprised of art exhibitions, performances, panel discussions, and workshops.
We designed a dynamic logo for Nowruz Project in light of the event’s values.

We found different round symbols and motifs from the cultures that celebrate Nowruz and put them consecutively in a spinning format besides the logotype of the Nowruz Project. The main posters for the event were designed around the same idea as well. On each poster (which had a totally different sharp colour), one of the motifs from the logo was placed at the center, and a galaxy of other forms of motifs from the designated cultures was designed around it. The intention was to imply a sense of unity and resemblance with the solar system. For designing the posters of the individual programs, we kept the main poster’s uniform and combined the photos of each performance with our motifs.Read more

Client: Concordia University
Design: Farid Yahaghi, Hadi Jamali