No To Drugs
Video and Poster | 2015

We were asked to design a poster and make a video to promote a call for entry for a student poster design contest. The theme of the festival was the visual messages for primary preventions from addiction. We were not allowed to use images of drugs, smoke, syringe, or any other direct representation of the application of drugs. Therefore, we tried to concentrate on the mental effects of using drugs and imply its elusive sides. Then the idea of giving a two face character to the hand emerged out of studing the 60’s psychedelic art, both in painting and music.

No to Drugs video recieved the honorable mention in the motion graphics section of the Silver Cypress award in 2017.

Client: Mashhad’s institute of applied science technology (ACECR)
Director/Designer: Farid Yahaghi, Davood Morgan
Videographer: Aghil Hosseinian
Illustrator: M.J. Pakravan