Visual Identity | 2015

“Gol-e-man“ (My Flower) is a company that does flower delivery services. We were asked to do a redesign for the brand’s corporate identity. At first, we started to simply design a flower like logo. But the results were not satisfactory. We felt that no representation of the flower would look better than the flower itself. Yet, we did not even want to use the photography of a flower as the logo. Even for the slogan, we did not feel that any verbal expression could imply a close sense of the feeling of giving and receiving flowers.

The phrase “Beyond the words” came out of this challenge. As we went deeper in using non figurative elements, we became interested in the simplicity of the asterisk icon. We decided to use it as the logo and keep the whole identity flat and straightforward so that it stays behind the beauty of the flower and its implications.
Gol-e-Man visual identity design recieved an honorable mention at the Silver Cypress award in 2016.

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Client: Gol-e-Man, Elyas Bagheri
Design: Davood Morgan, Javad Zarinia, Farid Yahaghi