Minoo’s Spring
Video | 2012

Dr. Asqar Minoo was a major cultural figure in Mashhad. Before his death, he endowed most of his possessions for cultural purposes. Part of them were his own house, and hundreds of books that were donated to the Ferdowsi Cultural House. During a visit to his home to see his personal belongings, we found a black leather suitcase full of more than a hundred ties. That moment was so touching that we decided to express our feelings with a hommage artwork in memory of Dr. Minoo.

We found a bare tree somewhere in the suburb of Mashhad. A couple of hours from sunrise, we decorated the tree with Minoo’s ties. The sudden breeze that started to blow after the installation was surprisingly impressive. It added an unintentional layer to the aesthetics of the scene, and of course, we kept it.

Directors and performers: Farid Yahaghi, Davood Morgan
Logo: Davood Morgan