Live Construction: The Construction of a Life
Video | 2020

Baran Group is a building company in Mashhad. They also provide luxurious hoteling services for the residents of their apartments. They asked us to produce a short creative film to promote their new green high-rise building. The question of creating a lively building led us to come up with the idea of representing one of their penthouses as a breathing being. This of course required a comprehensive study on the cycle of the breath and its representation with the object animation technique. In the end, we managed to create 20 breathing sequences from the different objects in the penthouse and put them together as an imaginary storyline of some playful characters that breathe and play with the music during the absence of the people in the house.

The composition of the music was the most interesting part of this experience. We intended to create a sense of the normal breath (inhale/exhale) with the music and of course, using the wind instruments was the first exciting idea that came to our minds. We gave the very talented composer, Ali Choopani, some rough sequences so that he could see them as inspirations. The back and forth interaction between the music and the image was very challenging for both sides. In the end, the result was so satisfying. The harmonious sound of the wind instruments along with the animated household objects represented an image beyond our expectations.

Client: Baran Group
Animators: Davood Morgan, Javad Zarinia
Director of photography: Hooman Rezazadeh
Video editor: Farid Yahaghi
Composer: Ali Choopani
Assistant: Mehdi Morgan