Lahze Group
Visual Identity | 2021

Lazeh Group is a building company in Mashhad that specializes in hoteling services. To design their visual identity, we were searching for a logo that could carry visual rhythm and pattern. We took the capital “L” from their name for two reasons; its simplicity and its vertical look that suggests tall apartments. The result was an enclosed pattern that does not clearly represent “L” but rather shows rhythm, multiplicity, and depth. The rich red and the gold colour were chosen for the brand to give it a luxurious feeling.

The idea was to create something comprehensive that shows a pathway to their interior design team. The different patterns we designed and offered were used in their print materials and wallpapers. They also managed to apply the same design principle to decorate the doors and their home furniture. During a few months of collaboration, we not only created a lot of visual content for socials but also made a few billboards and commercials for the Lahzeh Group.

Client: Lahze Group
Design: Davood Morgan, Javad Zarinia, Shima Pirayesh
Videography: Hooman Rezazade
Research Director: Mahmood Torabian