Human Nature
Poster and Video | 2018

This project was developed as a stand-alone artistic process during the poster design for Mahmoud Azadnia’s painting exhibition at Saless Gallery, Tehran. The theme of his painting collection was the absurdity of modern human interactions with nature. We decided to take this as the primary concern in our visual approach. The idea was to depict an ironic, surreal image of a diver diving into a fake water in the middle of a desert.

After we designed and printed the poster in full color offset format, the next phase was to put the large printed copies in abandoned or inaccessible places in the city of Mashhad and its suburbs. A lot of time, effort, budget, and materials were spent on this apparently absurd work. In the end, not many people saw the actual stylish posters. Instead, the whole process was documented and shared on social media.

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First sketch and the final poster

Making of

Some of Mahmoud Azadnia’s Paintings for the exhibition

Client: Mahmoud Azadnia
Design: Javad Zarinia, Davood Morgan, Farid Yahaghi