Graphic Design Week
Visual Identity | 2014

As opposed to photoshopping an entire poster from scratch, we decided to create the visual identity for the Tehran Graphic Design Week event in 2014 by building a full-scale structure. The process led us to a nine cubic meter installation consisting of four diagrids around a square footprint. On two of its exterior surfaces, visitors are presented with a typographic element: one side features the event’s name in Helvetica, and the other side mirrors the text using the Persian script in Zar typeface. After photographing the installation, we were able to produce different graphical mediums by the proposed branding standards. Thus, attendees of the opening ceremony were able to simultaneously experience the project while reading posters, cards, and advertisements explaining information about the design week.

Each work had its own defining aesthetic, exposing techniques that manipulate, enhance, and reconstruct the architecture. The work represents the philosophy that a concept can transcend across multiple disciplines, from a two-dimensional representation that is created on the screen of a computer to a three-dimensional environment that occupies space in the real world. This project would not have been possible without our other graphic designer friends, photographers, students, and our families who were always beside us and supporting our works.

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Client: Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS)
Design: Davood Morgan, Farid Yahaghi, Javad Zarinia
Photography: Aghil Hosseinian, Hossein Shirvani