Poster | 2014

Free-Gate was a collective painting exhibition by M.J. Pakravan and Samaneh Rahbarnia at Ann art gallery in Tehran. The paintings were personal reflections of the artists on websites such as Google, Wikipedia, and Disney. However, our idea for the exhibition poster was inspired by the Free-gate icon. Free-gate is an anti-internet filtering software that once was very famous in Iran. This software enables the internet users to browse filtered websites. The Free-gate icon is simply a white bird flying on a blue circle. So we came up with the idea of trapping a real white pigeon on a big blue circle and making a reference to the story of Gulliver.

Client: Samaneh Rahbarnia, M. J. Pakravan
Design: Davood Morgan, Farid Yahaghi
Photography and retouching: Aghil Hosseinian