EN Bank
Video | 2014

This video is an uncommon approach in terms of the idea, the content, and the technique for a bank commercial. The motif of this work pivots on the ethics of "Ramadan month" and the celebration of "Fitr" (the last day of Ramadan). The term "amassing wealth," instead of "contentment," was the critical concept around the mentioned theme.

We wrote a short text about the true meaning of wealth and its relations with the values we learn from Ramadan. Then the text was recorded as a clear voice-over. Next, we converted the speech to an 8-bar LED visualizer and exported the whole video to its very still frames. The same visualizer was reanimated then by using the real coins and stop motion technique. The result was perfectly in sync with the initial voice-over. This video was meant to be very simple so that it leaves the viewer with deep thoughts. In the end, the narrator finishes the speech with these sentences: "...contentment is a great richness, a kind of never-ending wealth." At the same time, coins gradually disappear from the scene to strengthen the moral message and make the concept more conceivable.

Client: EN Bank
Director/Designer: Farid Yahaghi, Davood Morgan
Animators: Aghil Hosseinian, Javad Zarinia
Producer: Farahang Co.