Daily Bazaar
Photo series | 2019

Handwritten placards in local markets have their unique aesthetics in terms of using catchy words and the writing style. Improvisation of the scripts, the composition of words in small frames, and the effort of making an eye-catching look with fewer elements, have always been part of our interests for wandering in local bazaars. The Daily Bazaar in the city of Rasht in the north of Iran is full of color, aroma, and sound; colorful sounds and vocal colors. This vivid fanfare has inspired us to create a humorous collection of images. The subtle manipulation in texts in relation to their visual capacities and their surrounding contexts is the creative aspect of this series of works. As much as the images totally look like documentary photographs, the drastic changes in words take the meanings to the world of human expressions. These irrelevant words within the images of foods and fruits create absurd combinations that are funny in the eyes of the Persian speaking viewers.
Let’s take a walk with us and listen to the sounds and images of the Daily Bazaar.

Design, Photography and Retouch: Davood Morgan