Coca Mashadi
Poster | 2013

This poster was created to promote a collective painting exhibition at Arteh Gallery in Tehran. The central theme of the show, as it would imply from the title, was the reflections of Coca-Cola on the contemporary Iranian culture. “Coca Mashadi” is a name that Iranians use to call a type of classic Coke drink, which is manufactured in the city of Mashhad. The idea of creating the main image was to pick up the common visual elements from the brand, like the red color and its particular Arabic Sols typeface, and use them in a more contemporary and performative fashion.

We used our bodies as a canvas and painted the famous Coca-Cola bottles on ourselves. Then we posed for the camera so that our facial expressions would sound like “Co” and “Ca.” The second part of the title (Mashadi) was then added as the main typography of the poster.
It was very interesting that some people told us that this was the first sonic poster that they have ever seen.

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Behind the scenes

The exhibition and paintings at Arteh gallery

Left to right by: Kaveh Kavosi, Jafar Pakravan, Mahdi Mohades, Mahmoud Azadnia

Client: M.J Pakravan
Design: Davood Morgan, Farid Yahaghi
Body Painting: Mahmood Azadnia
Photography and Retouching: Aghil Hosseinian