ChapChin Search Engine
Video | 2020

Our new website launched on the 9th anniversary of ChapChinStudio is designed to work as an interactive product, meaning that the user is not supposed to face a stereotypical website. There is nothing like a menu or lists of different pages on the homepage. The landing page is, in fact, a blank canvas that only shows a dynamic image of ChapChin’s different logos and a search bar in front of it. Multiple sentences on the search bar randomly appear and invite the user to search for something.

Looking for something? How can we help you today? Discover our world. Type something. Search projects, people,…

The website is provided with a search engine that makes the contents of the website arbitrary accessible. For every image or project, numerous keywords are defined. They include a wide range of relative subjects and nouns that directly or indirectly address our content. This website has foreseen every possibility from known classifications like logo, poster, and video to other details like production year, dominant colour, visual technique, shape, and whatever takes the user from words to images. Considering the people’s names, objects, and places, we might realize that analyzing the hundreds of images and projects was a very complicated and time-consuming process.