Sound Body, Sound Soul
Advertising | 2015

“Sound Body, Sound Soul,” was an advertising campaign for over six months in the city of Mashhad. The intention was to create a positive mood for the mass public before introducing an advanced medical clinic in town. Part of this campaign was also focused on the means of attracting the significant physicians in order to invest in the project. Since the life span of this campaign was longer than usual, we had to think of a plan to introduce the project over time.

The campaign was divided into three phases. In phase one, we unveiled the fundamental concepts of the original slogan (Healthy and Calm). In the second phase, those concepts were developed visually by the composition of the medical and luxurious lifestyle images. And for the last stage, the 3D models and architectural sketches of the clinic were introduced.

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Client: Baran Group
Lead Designer: Davood Morgan
Design Team: Soroush Raouf Studio and ChapChin Studio
Creative Director: Farid Yahaghi, Soroush Raouf
Logo animation: Javad Zarinia
Photography: Aghil Hosseinian