VIDEO | 2022

The main idea of this series of commercials was to promote the half-price internet usage service by CafeBazzar (an Iranian Android marketplace).
The way we translated this to ourselves was quite similar to the idea of “buy one get one free”. However, we should not have shown any visual or verbal sense of buying. This service was more like a built-in feature in the app that allowed the users to use twice as much data compared to the other apps like Google play.
So the idea that one is equal to two (1=2) was generated from that conceptual challenge. Different metaphoric visuals were then created to show how one object can become two, playfully and magically. Also, because most of the target users were teenage gamers, we spiced up the visuals with some high-tech, mobile sound effects. Like in most of our projects, we did all the visual tricks in front of the camera, which needed seamless productions, many takes, or careful performances.

Client: CafeBazaar
Production: Davood Morgan
Video edit: Javad Zarinia
Sound design: Farid Yahaghi
Cinematography: Ali Hosseinian
Thanks to Ashkan Morgan